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  • 3 horas
  • 200 US dollars

Descripción del servicio

REMAINING BALANCE DUE IN CASH ONLY **MULTIPLE SESSIONS REQUIRED (every 3-7 days)- this isn't a "one and done" process and MUST be paired with diet and exercise Skin tightening is not included if you would like to tighten loose skin please add that on(good for mommy pudge) +$65 skin tightening +$20 BBL panties +$65 Booty Facial This package removes stomach fat, back fat & gets rid of fupas & give you a BBL Booty! It Includes laser liposuction on stomach area & sides & a double butt enhancement all at once! **make sure you have a ride to and from your appointment because your butt will be too sore to sit on for at least 1 hour after your appointment please wear THONG or g-string underwear only - no cheekies or boy short panty styles please remove body jewelry that will be in the area getting treated (i.e. belly rings) *your results are contingent upon your pain tolerance Body contouring pre -treatment AKA what to do before your appointment: - drink a minimum of 2 LITERS of water the day before and the day of your appointment - don't drink caffeine or alcohol (including wine) the day before and the day of your appointment - don't eat 2 hours before your appointment - wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment - no lotion or oil on the skin before your appointment - remove belly ring body contouring AFTERCARE aka how to keep up with your results when you leave: - eat CLEAN. Diet if you can! (stay away from high carb and high sugar foods. i.e. breads, pastas, candy, soda, etc) - avoid alcohol for at least 3-4 days post treatment. this includes wine - engage in at least 30 mins of light exercise/cardio workout post-treatment within 4 hrs after your appointment to stimulate lymphatic drainage (if you have a night appointment- do laps around your house once you get home) - massage the treated areas daily to continue to help your body break down the fat and toxins - drink plenty of water (at least a gallon a day) and stay hydrated ( you can add fruit or light flavoring (crystal light) to your water to help with intake) - use ice packs to reduce any swelling or bruising form the procedure - avoid sauna, spa, excessive sun exposure and extreme heat for 48 hours - no hot baths or showers - know that body sculpting works best when you complement it with a healthy diet and regular exercise -STAY ACTIVE ! - do not miss your next appointment **please note that pre-treatment and post-treatment care MUST be followed for maximum results and retention

Política de cancelación

- Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. - Appointments that are cancelled in that time frame are eligible for rescheduling. Deposit will still be non-refundable. Clients will only be able to reschedule an appointment with prior notice ONCE. Any rescheduling after the first attempt will be voided and require another non-refundbale deposit to be made. For those clients who do not cancel within 24 hours, you are considered a no call/no show and will be banned from future bookings.

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